Elixir Living Tea Collection


Save 10% on our eight Elixir teas when you buy the full Living Tea Collection.

Enjoy the delicious benefits of your very own living tea 'medicine cabinet' at home or at work.

Each tea offers a completely different taste, character and health property.

Full Collection includes 

Jade Stream Organic Wild-Harvested Green Tea 50g
Half-Moon Jasmine Organic Jasmine Green Tea 50g
Thousand-Petal Rose Organic Green Tea with Organic Rose Petals 50g
Cloud Pass Organic Wild-Harvested White Tea 30g
Osmanthus Valley Organic Oolong Tea 50g
Phoenix Lake Organic Wild-Harvester Red Tea 50g
Yunnan Peak Organic Raw Sheng Puerh Tea 40g
Hidden Amber Organic Cooked Shou Puerh Tea 50g