A version of this article appears in the Spring 2017 edition of Acu. the British Acupuncture Council magazine.

Well humble tea drinking colleagues….it has been a while and it was surely worth the wait as we now find ourselves at the most anticipated part of the year for teas - Spring.

Spring teas are prized the world over

First flush Darjeelings appear in March-April and command feverish devotion and exorbitant prices. Chinese teas produced before the Spring Festival of Qing Ming (around April 5th) are equally sought after, along with Japanese shincha - literally ‘new tea’.

Spring brings beautiful green teas like our Jade Stream bursting with sweetness and the vibrancy of the Wood element. Our Jade Stream tea comes from ancient wild tea trees - big enough to can stand in the tree canopy to harvest (pictured above).

Winter to Spring - Water to Wood

Tea plants have been dormant all winter, storing up the nutrients to produce the most tender sprouting buds full of life.

How many times have we and our patients ignored this fundamental law of nature? Burning ourselves out over Winter, instead of wisely resting so when the full force of Spring arrives with a bang we respond with a spluttering whimper.

Not so for the tea plant. Commercial tea plants are left to grow and establish themselves for at least four years before ever being touched. Even then a ‘maintenance foliage’ is always maintained - providing a solid foundation for yearly Spring growth. 

What is the Qi of Jade Stream?

Cooling. Sweet. Bitter. Descending. Can support clearing of Heat patterns. Unsuitable for patients with patterns of Cold, Yang Deficiency or Blood Stasis.

Jade Stream’s energetic nature changes with different brewing temperatures. Brewed with cooler water (10- 70) it will be Sweet(er) in flavour and Cooling in nature which makes it ideal for drinking during the summer and to support the clearing of mild Heat patterns.

Brewed with hotter water (80- 100) it becomes more Cold, Bitter and Descending in nature. This can be helpful in clearing fuller Heat patterns.