Our teas have been selected with one aim in mind - to support your health and wellbeing.

One cup and you will understand why we call them living teas- they are alive with the vitality and energy of the natural environment in which they were grown - which we know will in turn support your health.

Used in Asia as plant medicines, each of our teas has a different effect on the mind and body. We have chosen what we feel are the most beneficial teas that may support your health and wellbeing - either as an everyday tea or as directed by your health practitioner.

All Elixir teas are organic as standard with many coming from wild tea trees. It goes without saying that wild and organic teas are grown in harmony with nature. Many of our teas are also seed-propagated and watered through natural irrigation.

Only nutrient rich, pesticide-free soil can produce teas of this potency and with the subtle qualities that lead them to be considered living herbal medicines.

Most of our teas are arachameaning unrefined. This means that no part of the tea leaf, veins or stem is wasted during the processing. All parts are used to get the most out of tea in terms of flavour and vitality.

Tea as Medicine

In China, Japan, Vietnam and other east Asian countries tea is much more to people than just a drink. It is used as a food, a medicine and as part of rituals and ceremonies.

Variations in the growing, processing and brewing of teas results changes in the teas effect in the mind and body. Teas can be cooling, warming, invigorating, calming, balancing, mood-enhancing - the benefits go on.

It is this variety of effects that makes tea a healthy natural remedy and supportive of natural health treatments, particularly acupuncture and herbal medicine.