About Jade Stream

Jade Stream is our living green tea which grows in the wild in Vietnam at 1000m altitude.

It is a camelia sinensis v.assamica from tea trees over 60 years old that grow up to 12 metres tall. As such it is a true living tea - 100% organic, wild-grown from seed, harvested and processed by hand.

Jade Stream is rain fed rather than irrigated and these wild conditions mean that the tea trees have been naturally stressed which produces a tea full of cha qi and vitality.


Using Jade Stream in Clinic

Jade Stream has a natural cooling cha qi which clears Heat and disperses Damp. It may help in patterns where cooling the body, clearing Heat and dispersing Damp are treatment principles.

Drinking Jade Stream you can tangibly feel a sense of cooling, descending and downward dispersing.

Read on for Brewing and Clinical Applications....

Brewing and Clinical Applications

Jade Stream can be brewed Cold, Warm or Hot for a different taste and most importantly a different cha qi effect and hence clinical application.

Cold brewing involves steeping about a tablespoon of Jade Stream in 1-2 litres of cold or room temperature water for 2 -4 hours. The tea can then be strained off and the leaves reused up to  4 times.

The cha qi effect is of Cold brewing makes it more Yin in nature, more cooling but less dispersing. It acts to gently refresh and cool Heat rather than strongly disperse Damp.

Warm Brewing

Warm brewing involves steeping the tea in water which is 70-80 degrees C. The easiest way to achieve this temperature is to pour hot water into your pot and then into your cup water to cool for a couple of minutes. Then add your tea leaves and when the temperature is right return the water to the pot. I prefer to start with a short infusion of about 30 seconds and build up the time for subsequent infusions.

Steeped in this way, the cha qi - despite the increased water temperature - is more cooling, more descending but still only mildly dispersing of Damp.

Hot Brewing

Finally, hot brewing with water at about 95 degrees for infusions of about 30 seconds brings out the bitterness in the flavour of Jade Stream so it becomes much more cooling, descending and Damp dispersing in its nature.

This is not a particularly pleasant way to drink Jade Stream but it is important we are aware of it as many of our patients will brew it this way - despite best efforts to educate them otherwise!


We highly recommend that you experiment with these methods and tangible cha qi effects so you can see how they affect you and how they might reliably help support your treatments and patients.

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