We’ve received feedback from practitioners asking us to spell out the specific benefits of our living teas in TCM syndromes / patterns. So here we begin a series of posts on the specific energetic qualities of each of our living teas, what this means in TCM terms and how you can assess the appropriateness of using this tea in clinic yourself.

Yunnan Peak - Clearing Internal Damp

The main qi effect of Yunnan Peak is that is dries fluids and thus disperses or clears internal Damp.

Looking at the clinical description of internal dampness in The Practice of Chinese Medicine (Maciocia) we find that : ‘Dampness is heavy in nature, so it has a tendency to settle in the Lower Jiao, but it can affect the head too. In chronic cases, when Dampness obstructs the Middle Jiao, prevents Stomach-Qi from descending and interferes with the normal movement of Qi in the Middle, this long-term stagnation of Dampness in the Middle leads to the obstruction gradually spreading upwards as well and filling the head”

How does Yunnan Peak tangibly work in practice to clear Damp?

When we drink Yunnan Peak we can easily feel it’s astringency and dryness and thus can get a tangible indication of how it dries fluids and Dampness in the body.

In cases where Dampness/fluid retention have arisen through deficient functioning of the Spleen (failing to transform and transport fluids) Yunnan Peak can be used to clear Damp, allowing the Turbid Qi to descend, the Clear Yang to rise and for the Spleen to recover (usually with appropriate supporting acupuncture treatment).

Clinical Use

If our patient is heavier set and has sensations of heaviness, sluggishness, mental fog, lethargy, fullness in the chest or epigastrium - drinking Yunnan Peak will ‘dry out’ or disperse this Dampness leading to the tangible perception of less heaviness, less sluggishness, less fogginess - in other words an expression of the Clear Yang Qi rising.

In this kind of situation patients typically report feeling lighter, somewhat more energised and clearer headed. These patients can usually drink Yunnan Peak throughout the day up to 4-5 cups.

If on the other hand, our patient is slimmer, leaner and has little or no evidence of Dampness or excess fluid, they are likely to experience drinking Yunnan Peak as much more (sometimes overly) energising, stimulating and invigorating i.e. the Clear Yang rises unchecked.

Patients typically report feeling highly energised, very alert and invigorated. In certain circumstances this can be clearly be useful but excess consumption can be too drying and over stimulating. Patients should use Yunnan Peak with caution.Patients with symptoms of Dryness, Yin deficiency and Blood deficiency should avoid Yunnan Peak.


These are general characteristics of Yunnan Peak and as such are a guide to use. If you have a question about a specific patient or usage please contact james@elixirtea.co.uk for advice.

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