Soil Association Living Teas

Why Soil Association certification matters for our Organic Living Teas.

After 18 months of inspections and audits, last week we had our provisional license converted to full Soil Association certification - with the highest standards achieved. At a recent conference I was reminded why having Soil Association certification for our living teas matters. 

My conversation with a customer about to stock living teas in her clinic went like this:

Her: Where do your teas come from?

Me: Mostly China. Some from Vietnam.

How can you be sure they aren't contaminated?

We have direct relationships with the farmers who advocate (against the grain) for organic and biodynamic farming. They often send us photos from other tea areas who are using pesticides (see below - cute and deadly)

Why Soil Association Certification Matters - Pesticide Use in Chinese Tea

How can you be sure? I'm worried about contaminants in Chinese herbs and teas.

You're right to be worried. It's a jungle out there. We know pesticide use and soil contamination is a big problem in China. We would never recommend teas for our own patients - let alone yours - if we knew they were contaminated with pesticides.

Do you have an audit trail?

Yes. We have full view of provenance from seed to cup. All our living teas are certified by Demeter Biodynamic, EU Organic and Soil Association Organic.

The Soil Association?


Why didn't you say so?

I will next time.




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