Phoenix Lake - Red Tea

Tea friends... it has started to get cold and if you're the first to reach for hat and scarf then Phoenix Lake is the tea for you (or your friend in the corner covered in knitwear).

Phoenix Lake is a wild-harvested, organic red tea from Vietnam chosen for its warming action on the body - especially toasty hands, feet and face.

A Ready Brek Glow

The first cup starts you tingling; the second brings a deeper mellow warmth; the third gives you a full-on 'Ready Brek' glow through your fingers, toes and cheeks.

It lives up to its name - like a Firebird lighting you up and spreading through you bringing cold areas back to life.

Taste and Brewing

Taste wise, Phoenix Lake has the sweet, malty richness of Ovaltine with caramel, stone fruit and wild-flower notes. 

Like all living teas, it can be steeped many times over. For best results, use a smaller teapot (250ml) with a tablespoon of leaves and 'flash' steep with boiling water i.e. quick 30 second infusions. This will give you at least 4 infusions.

Enough to keep you warm enough while you knit another jumper.

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