Panda Conservation with Elixir Living Tea

Throughout July and August at Elixir we are supporting Panda conservation through sales of our green teas - Jade Stream and Half-Moon Jasmine.

Our 'Drink Tea. Make Pandas' campaign donates £5 from every sale of Jade Stream and Half-Moon Jasmine to our partner conservation organisation in Sichuan, China - the Chengdu Research Base for Panda Conservation

Giant Panda numbers in captivity and in the wild are growing slowly, but panda breeding and conservation programmes need help to continue their good work.

Projects we support include habitat conservation, breeding research and 'rewilding' efforts where pandas bred in captivity are released back into the wild.

Our teas are Soil Association approved organic and wild-harvested, helping to preserve the kind of pristine natural environments that Giant Pandas need to continue to thrive.

Enjoy the cleanest teas on the planet and help save the world's favourite animal.

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