Puerh teas for better digestive health

We're often asked what are the best living teas for digestive health and the answer is simple - our Puerh living teas: Hidden Amber and Yunnan Peak. 

Puerh teas may be used to support digestive health and are available in two forms - raw and cooked.

Raw Puerh

Our raw Puerh - Yunnan Peak - may be used to help break down fats and this type of tea is often used for weight loss and water retention in China. It has a thin, astringent and drying tea liquor which you can tangibly feel drying out your mouth as you drink it.

In Chinese Medicine, Yunnan Peak can be used to clear Damp and excess Fluids.

Cooked Puerh

Our cooked Puerh - Hidden Amber - is produced through a process called pile-fermentation - similar to composting - which produces a tea which tastes rich, earthy and reminiscent of herbal medicine.

The fermentation process breaks down the tea making it much more mellow and soft on the stomach. Hence, Hidden Amber may be used for warming and nourishing a weak digestive system.  

In Chinese Medicine Hidden Amber can be used as a Qi, Yang and Blood tonic for the Middle Jiao.

Using them in combination for digestive health

For the best outcome the teas may be combined  to support digestive health.

Cooked Puerh (Hidden Amber) can be drunk throughout the day to warm the stomach as it is gentle, nourishing and sustaining. In the mouth it feels brothy, warming and soothing - almost like soup - you can feel the warming sensation flow down into the stomach and warm it up. 

Raw Puerh (Yunnan Peak) should be drunk at least 30 minutes after a meal so it can break down fats and heavy foods.  It needs some food to be in the stomach to work on and digest.


Drinking Raw Puerh on an empty stomach should be avoided as it acts as an appetite suppressant which should be avoided. Always eat something before drinking a raw puerh like Yunnan Peak. 

In Chinese Medicine terms , excess consumption of raw puerh on an empty stomach can lead to symptoms of Stomach Dryness - dry mouth, dry tongue, abdominal discomfort.


To date, research into the health benefits of Puerh teas has focussed on metabolic syndrome, fat oxidation, lowering 'bad' cholesterol, hypertension and obesityRead more...

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